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On Thursday, May 26th, CLP members North and East of Hugo's (Toimi and Brimson – including Cadott Lake and Basset Lake) will be without power from approximately 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. The reason for the planned power outage is for CLP crews to move an existing power line as St. Louis County begins construction on a new bridge on the Hopper Road. 

Note: This will not impact Hugo's or the areas of Kane Lake, Marble Lake, and Thomas Lake.



   Still on the hunt for our 60 members interested in Community Solar


Dates to Remember!

May 30: Memorial Day - CLP Offices CLOSED 

June 15: Cookies and Coffee Day in CLP Lobby 

June 17: CLP Board Meeting

June 27: CLP Bills Due

July 4: Fourth of July Holiday - CLP Offices CLOSED


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